Complete Spitfire Jigs For Sale



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Original Spitfire Building Jigs for Sale

We are selling the remaining Spitfire ST/RS Jigs and misc. parts.  These jigs allow the critical frame alignment to build a Spitfire trike.  The jigs allow the frame manufacturing of the ST20, RS24 and ST24 series of Spitfire trikes. If you are interested in starting your own recumbent trike business, this is an excellent place to start.  The Spitfire RS24 weighed a scant 28 lbs, yet it was one of the most stiffest and strongest frame ever designed.  The specifications for this trike are just as impressive today, as they were when it was released back in 2003.   For Information about these trikes, CLICK HERE


Price includes all of the jigs, plans, construction notes, spare parts, components, stickers, Teflon tubing and over 20 shipping boxes.  As part of this offer, the sale entitles the buyer to build and sell unlimited trikes under a restricted agreement.   All of this for only $5750.  For any information, please call Steve's Cell at 512-751-3483.   This sale is offered through Steve and not me.  However, if you require consulting and design services contact me, Rick at 408-504-4388. 


Due to time constraints, I haven't included much detail.  However, I will add more information as time permits.



The jigs are shown below:


                                                                This cart is used to hold the main jigs




This fixture is used to align the Main Tube and Lower Seat prior to weld up



This is a Trike Stand using a Park vice


This is one of the fixtures used to align the chain stays prior to welding


This Jig is another chain stay fixture for the RS and ST 24


The jig on the left aligns the seat stays, the one on the right aligns the seat and bow 


This Jig aligns the Bottom Bracket Boom



Both Jigs are used to align the cross-members and bulkhead


This Jig is used to align the main tube, aft tube, and gussets for the RS


This Jig is used to align the main tube, aft tube, and gussets for the ST



These are misc Seat Jigs




These are 24" Panracers (10 ea.) and rim tape




These are all miscellaneous parts (contact Steve for more information)


More stuff, looks like fender hardware, rack, chains  and brake levers


Again, too many parts to list.  Contact Steve for more information